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why are mangoes called mangoes where is the man going 

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How come this isn’t really popular? How come “You can’t sit with us.”, “Fetch”, and many more stupid quotes from mean girls are popular yet this isn’t? I’ve seen many post on tumblr talking about how unfair it is for women to be called sluts and whores. I completely agree with the whole thing. But what pisses me off is that some people post things like this:

"*insert gf of celebrity crush or some actress* IS SUCH A FUCKEN SLUT!" (Or something like this)

Then later post about how it’s unfair about women being called sluts. I don’t know maybe it’s just some of the people I follow. Unfortunately in real life though, girls go around calling each other sluts as well. If we want slut-shaming to stop then we need to stop slut shaming each other. If you haven’t called any girl a slut then good for you! You are already helping out so thank you!

I apologize if this doesn’t make sense at all or my grammar sucks. Also the fact that the gif had possibly froze.


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